Beginning his career in aviation, Nima traveled the world where he discovered his passion lie in building clients’ trust and providing exceptional customer experiences. His drive, skills and keen eye for detail would place him in the captains chair, where he managed a private jet plane and team. During his time in the air, Nima set his standards high and still does today.

Once deciding to plant roots in Marin County, Nima knew it was also time to keep his feet on the ground and pursue his dream of starting his own construction company.

The son of an entrepreneur father, Nima is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. With careful planning and personal attention to each project, Nima built a company and team he is proud to stand behind.  

At Nima Construction Company you will find each team member has the ability to adapt and re-calibrate in all phases of a project, eliminating most of the stress and delays associated with construction. Nima Construction Company strive to be the leaders in quality construction by providing the latest methods, materials and project management tracking software. Construction imitates life, in that it is constantly evolving and so will Nima Construction Company.

We specialize in ground up developments, hillside builds, as well as residential and commercial remodels.




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